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Meetings in Omaha:

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07:15AMSunENMillard Morning Group
07:45AMSunENThey Got Too Big Group
09:00AMSunSPGrupo Renacimiento
09:00AMSunENGod As We Understand Him Group
09:30AMSunENEarly Bird Group
10:00AMSunSPGrupo El Rescate
10:00AMSunENAll Oars In The Water Group
10:30AMSunENSunday Morning Group
10:30AMSunENSunday Morning 48th Street Grp
10:30AMSunENWe`re Not Saints Group
10:30AMSunENSharing and Caring Group
10:30AMSunENSunday 10:30 A.M. Group
10:30AMSunENI Think I Need A Meeting Group
11:00AMSunENEleven At Eleven Group
01:00PMSunSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
02:30PMSunENSunday Matinee Group
03:00PMSunSPGrupo 21 De Octubre
04:00PMSunENLambda Stag Group
05:00PMSunENConversations Group
06:00PMSunSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
06:30PMSunENWE Northside Group
07:00PMSunENSunday Evening Alano Step Grp
07:00PMSunSPGrupo La Nueva Vida
07:00PMSunENYoung Life Group
07:00PMSunENSunday Night Live Group
07:30PMSunENTwenty Four Hour Group
07:30PMSunENMens Big Book Group
07:30PMSunENDistrict 1 Beginners Group
07:30PMSunENSunday Nite 34th Street Group
07:30PMSunSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
07:30PMSunENSunday Evening Speakers Group
08:00PMSunENEvolution Big Book Study Group
11:00PMSunENAlive At Eleven Group
07:15AMMonENMillard Morning Group
09:00AMMonENOne Day At A Time Group
09:30AMMonENMonday Morning Step Group
10:00AMMonENBack To Basics Group
10:00AMMonENBack To The Big Book Gp
12:00PMMonENPiccolos Monday Lunch Group
12:00PMMonENMonday Noon Group
01:00PMMonSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
04:00PMMonENFellowship At Four Group
05:30PMMonENNo B.S. Group
05:30PMMonENEven Keel Group
06:00PMMonENWe Drop Rocks Group
06:00PMMonENGoodnews Recovery Group
06:00PMMonSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
06:00PMMonENOne Hour Newcomers Group
06:30PMMonENWoman To Woman Group
06:30PMMonENMonday Night 1st ED B.B. Group
07:00PMMonSPGrupo 21 De Octubre
07:00PMMonENMonday Nite Womens Group
07:00PMMonENSouth Omaha Non-smokers Group
07:00PMMonENCracked Pot Group
07:00PMMonEN48th Group
07:00PMMonSPGrupo La Nueva Vida
07:00PMMonENLast Lock-up Group (p)
07:00PMMonSPGrupo El Rescate
07:00PMMonENOut Right Mental Defectives Group
07:00PMMonENCentered Ladies Group
07:00PMMonENWomen`s Big Book Study Group
07:00PMMonSPGrupo La Buena Decicion
07:30PMMonENOmaha Wild Bunch Group
07:30PMMonENJust For Today Group
07:30PMMonEN164 Group
07:30PMMonSPGrupo Renacimiento
07:30PMMonENPlain Label Group
07:30PMMonENMayflower Group
07:30PMMonSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
07:45PMMonENGet To Steppin Group
08:00PMMonENNorthwest Group
08:00PMMonENNo-Name Group
08:00PMMonEN11th Step Meditation Group
08:00PMMonENBacon Group
08:00PMMonENOpen Chair Group
08:00PMMonENSober Beginnings Group
08:00PMMonENBig Book Group
08:00PMMonEN34th Street Unity Group
08:00PMMonENDodge Street Group
08:30PMMonENSouth Omaha Group
08:30PMMonENNewcomes Group
11:00PMMonENAlive At Eleven Group
12:30PMMonENOne More Day Group
07:00AMTueENDaily Reflection I Group
07:15AMTueENMillard Morning Group
09:30AMTueENWomen Helping Women Group
10:00AMTueENStep By Step Group
10:00AMTueENBack To Basics Group
10:00AMTueENBack To The Big Book Gp
12:00PMTueENTuesday Noon Discussion Group
12:00PMTueENLoose Goose Group
12:00PMTueENLiving Sober No Smoking Group
01:00PMTueSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
01:30PMTueENTuesday Afternoon Group
05:15PMTueENTwo-Fers Tuesday Group
05:30PMTueENHope In The Valley Group
05:30PMTueENNo B.S. Group
05:30PMTueENFruit Of The Grapevine Group
05:30PMTueENGeneric Group
05:45PMTueENSimply Ladies Group
06:00PMTueSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
06:30PMTueENTuesday New Life Group
07:00PMTueENBoiled As An Owl Group
07:00PMTueSPGrupo 21 De Octubre
07:00PMTueSPGrupo La Nueva Vida
07:00PMTueENLast Lock-up Group (p)
07:00PMTueSPGrupo El Rescate
07:00PMTueENPlain Label Group
07:00PMTueSPGrupo La Buena Decicion
07:30PMTueENHigh Point Group
07:30PMTueENPacific Hollow Step Group
07:30PMTueENStarting Over Group
07:30PMTueENMurderer`s Row Group
07:30PMTueSPGrupo Renacimiento
07:30PMTueENWord Of Mouth Group
07:30PMTueENShare Your Sobriety Group
07:30PMTueENSteps And Traditions Group
07:30PMTueSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
08:00PMTueENCastelar Group
08:00PMTueENBacon Group
08:00PMTueENOakhills Group
08:00PMTueENB.B.T.B . Big Book Tool Box Group
08:00PMTueENLiving Sober For Today Group
08:00PMTueENTuesday Night Down Under Group
08:30PMTueENHappy Destiny Group
11:00PMTueENAlive At Eleven Group
12:30PMTueENOne More Day Group
07:15AMWedENMillard Morning Group
09:30AMWedENFrom There To Here Group
10:00AMWedENBack To Basics Group
10:00AMWedENBack To The Big Book Gp
10:30AMWedENNew Beginnings Group
12:00PMWedENHigh Noon Group
12:00PMWedENSimplicity Group
12:00PMWedENWe Group People
12:00PMWedENLiving The Steps Group
01:00PMWedSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
05:15PMWedENTwo-Fers Tuesday Group
05:30PMWedENNo B.S. Group
05:30PMWedENOasis Group
05:30PMWedENSailing Sounds Group
05:30PMWedENWhole Book Group
06:00PMWedENHappy Hour #2 Group
06:00PMWedENPopsicle Wahine Group
06:00PMWedENWE Northside Group
06:00PMWedSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
06:30PMWedENGrey Fawn Group
07:00PMWedSPGrupo 21 De Octubre
07:00PMWedENOne Day At A Time Group
07:00PMWedEN4th Dimension Group
07:00PMWedENRoad To Happy Destiny Group
07:00PMWedSPGrupo La Nueva Vida
07:00PMWedSPGrupo El Rescate
07:00PMWedENWednesday Night Group
07:00PMWedENVictory Group
07:00PMWedSPGrupo La Buena Decicion
07:30PMWedENEnabled Group
07:30PMWedENWed Night Workshop Group
07:30PMWedSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
08:00PMWedENHard Core Group
08:00PMWedENBacon Group
08:00PMWedENShake-A-hand Group
08:00PMWedENWednesday Wild Bunch Group
08:00PMWedENStonehedge Group
08:00PMWedENOne Step At A Time Group
08:30PMWedENSurrender Group
08:30PMWedENFellowship Group
11:00PMWedENAlive At Eleven Group
12:30PMWedENOne More Day Group
12:30PMWedENFirst Ladies Group
07:15AMThuENMillard Morning Group
10:00AMThuENRoundtable Group
10:00AMThuENBack To Basics Group
10:00AMThuENBack To The Big Book Gp
10:00AMThuENMorning Big Book Study Group
12:00PMThuENKeep It Simple Group
12:00PMThuENDrawbridge Noon Luncheon Group
12:00PMThuENThurs Noon Discussion Group
12:00PMThuENFriends Of Bill Group
12:00PMThuENFarrell Nooners Group
01:00PMThuSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
01:30PMThuENEveryones Group
05:15PMThuENTwo-Fers Tuesday Group
05:30PMThuENNo B.S. Group
05:30PMThuENWe`re Aboard Group
05:30PMThuENCocktail Hour Group
05:30PMThuENFor Ladies Only Group
06:00PMThuSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
07:00PMThuSPGrupo 21 De Octubre
07:00PMThuSPGrupo La Nueva Vida
07:00PMThuSPGrupo El Rescate
07:00PMThuENPuttin Sober Group
07:00PMThuENVictory Group
07:00PMThuENBig Book Comes Alive Group
07:00PMThuENThursday Evening Winners Circle Group
07:00PMThuSPGrupo La Buena Decicion
07:30PMThuENThursday Mens Stag Group
07:30PMThuENMens Study Group
07:30PMThuENGiving Tree Thursday Group
07:30PMThuENParticipation Group
07:30PMThuENDaily Reflections Group
07:30PMThuENBig Book Study Group
07:30PMThuENPatio Group
07:30PMThuSPGrupo Renacimiento
07:30PMThuENPhoenix Group
07:30PMThuENPlain Label Group
07:30PMThuENAmigos Group
07:30PMThuSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
08:00PMThuENDiscovery Group
08:00PMThuENBacon Group
08:00PMThuENLiving Sober For Today Group
08:00PMThuENUnderwood Group
08:00PMThuENSteps Lively Group
08:15PMThuENStep Study Group
09:00PMThuENLiving Sober 101 Group
11:00PMThuENAlive At Eleven Group
12:30PMThuENOne More Day Group
07:15AMFriENMillard Morning Group
09:00AMFriSPGrupo La Nueva Vida
10:00AMFriENBack To Basics Group
10:00AMFriENBack To The Big Book Gp
12:00PMFriENPeace of Mind Group
12:00PMFriENRainbow Group
12:00PMFriENLoose Goose Group
12:00PMFriENSimplicity Group
12:00PMFriENAdventure In Living Group
12:00PMFriENTwo Bricks Short Group
12:00PMFriENBring Your Own Big Book Group
01:00PMFriSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
05:30PMFriENNo B.S. Group
05:30PMFriENSafe Port Group
05:30PMFriENThe Way Out Group
06:00PMFriENFriday Happy Hour #1 Group
06:00PMFriSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
07:00PMFriENOff Center Group
07:00PMFriSPGrupo 21 De Octubre
07:00PMFriSPGrupo La Nueva Vida
07:00PMFriSPGrupo El Rescate
07:00PMFriENYoung Sober And Free Group
07:00PMFriSPGrupo La Buena Decicion
07:30PMFriENNo Smokers Group
07:30PMFriENFriday Night Turning Point Grp
07:30PMFriENPrimary Purpose Group
07:30PMFriENFriday Solutions Group
07:30PMFriENRovers Group
07:30PMFriSPGrupo Renacimiento
07:30PMFriENPlain Label Group
07:30PMFriSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
07:30PMFriENOld Fashioned Speakers Group
08:00PMFriENOld Regis Group
08:00PMFriENBacon Group
08:00PMFriENWestgate Fellowship Group
08:00PMFriENWho`d A Thought It Group
08:00PMFriENCamel Group
08:00PMFriENToday Group
08:10PMFriENHeavy Hitters 12 and 12 Group
08:15PMFriENFriday Night Live Group
08:15PMFriENLive and Let Live Group
09:00PMFriENSerenity Group
11:00PMFriENAlive At Eleven Group
12:30PMFriENOne More Day Group
07:15AMSatENMillard Morning Group
08:00AMSatENFresh Air Group
08:00AMSatENS.M.A.R.T. Group
08:00AMSatENBeautiful Morning Group
09:00AMSatEN12 X 12 X 12 Group
09:00AMSatENSaturday Morning A.A. Group
09:00AMSatENSaturday and Sober Group
10:00AMSatENFreedom Group
10:00AMSatENBreakfast Club Group
10:00AMSatENPathfinders Group
10:00AMSatENGood Times Group
10:00AMSatENNo Ifs Ands Or Butts Group
10:00AMSatENSaturday Day Live Group
10:10AMSatENOne Hour Fellowship Group
10:30AMSatENSaturday Womens Group
10:30AMSatENWhats The Story Morning Glory Group
10:30AMSatSPGrupo La Nueva Vida
12:00PMSatENSaturday Nooner Group
01:00PMSatENWE Northside Group
01:00PMSatSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
01:30PMSatENSaturday Afternoon Gay Group
02:30PMSatENLife`s Crossroads Group
05:00PMSatSPGrupo Renacimiento
05:30PMSatENNo B.S. Group
05:30PMSatENMillard Young Peoples Sat Grp
06:00PMSatSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
07:00PMSatSPGrupo 21 De Octubre
07:00PMSatENOne Day At A Time Group
07:00PMSatSPGrupo La Nueva Vida
07:00PMSatSPGrupo El Rescate
07:00PMSatENStepping Stones Group
07:00PMSatSPGrupo La Buena Decicion
07:30PMSatENCrossroads Group
07:30PMSatENJACT Saturday Morning Group
07:30PMSatENSaturday Night Speakeasy Group
07:30PMSatSPGrupo Omaha De AA Group
08:00PMSatENSaturday Night Alive Group
08:00PMSatENBacon Group
08:00PMSatENNew Life Group
08:00PMSatENSaturday Niters Group
08:30PMSatENAquarians Group
09:30PMSatENSecond Feature Group
10:30PMSatENSaturday Candlelight Group
11:00PMSatENAlive At Eleven Group
12:30PMSatENOne More Day Group

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2021-06-04 Area 41 Reunion
2021-06-05 Area 41 Reunion

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Responsibility Statement

When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,
I want the hand of A.A. always to be there.
And for that: I am responsible.

Declaration of Unity

This we owe to A.A.'s future:
To place our common welfare first; To keep our Fellowship united.
For on A.A. Unity depend our lives, And the lives of those to come.